Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Career Conversations

It had been several months since I first met with Kristina and the other Thursdays at Three attendees, but not much had changed for me. Sure, another soul-crushing job came and went, but it was the same nonsense I’ve encountered these last two years. When I heard myself speak about my life goals for the future at last week’s meeting, I had a déjà-vu moment. Oh yes, I sat at that same table in April, and spouted similar sentiments. Perhaps the only difference between then and now is that I am determined to follow through with my plans for a career transition.

Mulling over my past, present, and future situations is mostly a solitary affair, but I wouldn’t say it's because I’m too sensitive. It has more to do with me drowning out other people’s well-meaning (and sometimes not so well-meaning) opinions, which can inadvertently affect me in negative ways. When I do receive unsolicited advice, I keep an open mind and listen. If what someone is saying is unproductive and insulting, I try to emerge from the encounter as unscathed as possible, and with the proper perspective. When I decided to re-join the Thursdays at Three meetings, I was surprised to discover I didn’t have reservations about expressing what I want in my life and career. I know the advice I receive from Kristina and the other attendees is as objective and as helpful as possible. I also hope that my limited input has been perceived as fair, honest, and constructive.

Every week the attendees are given assignments which are geared towards helping us realize our dreams and goals for the future. My homework addresses my desire to become more successful as a writer and to work overseas again in a humanitarian capacity, using my previous experiences as a foundation. While I am slightly intimidated by the tasks I’ve been given, I know I’m ready to take them on. The time is right for me.

Are you in a life and/or career transition? What are you doing to move yourself forward?

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