Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Case of Over-Preparedness

I must say that simply planning this trip to Europe has been quite the learning experience. As I've mentioned before, I'll be going with my sisters, but will also at some point or another be in the company of my guy and a few friends.

Planning the trip has made us all communicate with each other in ways we never needed to before. Suddenly, we all need to rely on each other for some bit of information here and there, whether it be tips on where to buy a certain supply or ideas on how to spend a night in a certain city.

In doing all of this, I've come to realize that some people are planners, and some just aren't. I am definitely a planner. I want to know that I have thought of everything before we ever step foot onto an airplane or train. I realize that we can't actually think of everything, and that some things will just happen and we'll have to deal with them. But it brings me an incredible amount of comfort to know that there is some sort of plan.

An itinerary is drafted, city guides and maps are in hand, phrasebooks have been bought - check, check, check. Emergency contact numbers, duct tape, extra first aid supplies in every nook and cranny - check, check, check.

And that's when I hear the reactions that I am, perhaps, too prepared. But is there really such a thing? I've heard this from several people now and I look at them in amazement with crinkled nose and all. How can somebody be too prepared? I've never thought such a thing was possible.

Okay, perhaps I could have saved some space for souvenirs by packing a few less plastic bags and ziploc baggies, but too prepared? Surely not...

So what say you? Have you ever been accused of being over-prepared? Or maybe you're one of these folks I can't understand who are always under-prepared?


Anonymous said...

I hear you Sally! I am like you, plan plan plan. But I've learned to wing it a bit more. It is less work, you end up less tired, and leaves room for more fun!

sally said...

It's good to know I'm not alone! I'll need to try to wing it more I suppose, though the mere thought is sort of making my brain hurt.

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