Monday, October 5, 2009

Greek Adventures

I recently traveled to Greece with a friend from college. We spent a few days in Athens, on the mainland, and then took a ferry to the island of Santorini. Athens was a fascinating city, full of history and dynamic architecture that spans the centuries. On Santorini, the island and ocean landscape was beautiful, of course. The weather and the water was perfect for swimming and relaxing on the beach!

In addition to several fun new adventures -- such as climbing a volcano, swimming in warm sulphur springs, and riding a donkey up the island hillside -- the best part of the journey was getting to spend time with an old friend. I was amazed by the fact that we had hung out exactly once in the last seven or so years since graduation, yet we were able to pick up as if no time at all had passed between seeing one another.

We ate fabulous meals, overlooking the gorgeous scenery, and chatted about life, the universe, and everything. How could I ask for anything better? Yet, before we'd departed for Greece, my friend had to work hard to talk me into even going on this trip. "I'm busy; it's expensive," I argued. I tried to convince her that it'd be fine if she went alone, and I'm sure it would have been, but in the end, I'm really glad I took the trip with her. It's definitely a very different experience to travel with others!

These pictures, respectively, are of me in Athens overlooking the Acropolis and the modern cityscape, atop the active volcano at Santorini, and riding a tour boat in the sea in front of the island. It was a really fun week

Has anyone else been to Greece, or had other great travels lately?

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