Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Forum: Fear Factor

Halloween is coming up soon, and it's got us thinking about fears - both real and imagined.

What are some things you're afraid of? The dark? Ghost stories? Failure? Losing the people you love? What is your own personal fear factor?


Anonymous said...

What do I fear? That’s a good question! As a mother of a child with many health challenges, I fear not getting it all right. The dozens and dozens of judgment calls I make each day keep me on edge. What/when/how to feed her, which set of advice and medical opinions are correct, which supplements will help, which will harm, is that a hive? And when things get bad, exactly at what moment to pack up and go to the ER.

I used to feel like a gazelle with a fragile baby trying to make it across the savannah against all odds. Now things are better: I feel like we are crossing a really nice meadow, but there are mines scattered throughout and each guide points a different direction. So thanks for asking! That is what I fear.

sally said...

From when I was really young, my biggest fear was to die alone, which is really bizarre if you think of it because I was about 9 when I first remember having this fear.

Now, I'm not so afraid of that anymore, mostly because I love spending time by myself. *sudden realization* Did I start learning how to enjoy time by myself because of my fear of dying alone?! Strange.


I think my greatest fear is loneliness. Experiences are just so much better when shared. I think my response to this question also has a lot to do with the "Where the Wild Things Are" movie I just recently saw. (The characters in the film don't want to feel sadness or loneliness.)

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