Monday, December 5, 2011

Hopping on the e-Train

No, I am not talking about getting on a subway train. I am quite comfortable hopping on a subway of any letter, A to Z. By the "e-train," I mean the express route to all things that are prefaced by the tiny but powerful "e": e-book, e-reader, etc.

I do not own a Kindle. Or an iPad. Or any of the many book-powering apps available for smart phones. I resist these things not on principle, but because I am a book lover. I like the feel of a cozy paperback, the hefty importance of a hardcover.

So it is strange to find myself suddenly dealing in e-books, which I have learned I can access on my computer without an extra device. I recently downloaded a program that will allow me to buy and read e-books, and borrow them from the library. I've acquired a few books for research purposes, and it's working out for me okay.

For all of you who are already devotees of the e-revolution (or passengers on the e-train, if you prefer), I trust you will bid me a hearty welcome to your ranks. BUT, I confess: I am not converted. My bookcases shall remain full. I can definitely see the advantage of the speed and accessibility of books online. It is exciting, to know that so much is at our fingertips at any given moment. But it doesn't make me feel like things are easier or better.

I don't want to forget what it feels like to curl up with a book. People tell me you can get used to curling up with a Kindle, but something about that idea leaves me a little on edge. I work at the computer. For fun, I often watch TV. Must I turn to a screen for my pleasure reading, too?

For the moment, I'm trying to become hip and tech-fancy. I would prefer to be the sort of gal who changes willingly with the times. I do not want to become a crotchety person who constantly whines about how great things used to be in the old days. But they were so great! (Yeah, yeah. I'm working on it...)

Are you on the e-train?

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