Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Special Message from TWM


The Women's Mosaic® has offered over 100 unique programs since January 2001 to educate, inspire and motivate women to rise up and rock the world!

Because we are a small grass-roots 501c3 nonprofit organization, we very much rely your support in raising the funds needed to sustain us and all that we do.

If you enjoy reading our eNewsletters, attending our events, visiting our blog , following us on Facebook and Twitter, or just love what we're about, please show your support for TWM through our Membership or Donate pages to make your gift inwhatever amount is right for you, knowing that every penny counts.

Anyone who joins/renews or donates at the $50 level or higher by 12/31/11 will be entered to win a 7-night luxury stay in the Caribbean! See box below for details. You can also make an offer on another resort to guarantee your luxury vacation today! :)

And of course, as always, THANK YOU to everyone who has already become a member or donated to us in the past! We value and appreciate your continued support to keep us going and growing!

Wishing you a Peaceful & Prosperous New Year!
We look forward to seeing you in 2012 both online and off!

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