Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Forum: Halloween Edition

In celebration of Halloween, we're keeping it light this week and asking you what's your favorite Halloween memory or costume, childhood or recent? And to add to the fun, what's your costume this year? Feel free to share a photo with us!

Have a Happy (and safe) Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Most years, I use Halloween as a cheap excuse to gorge myself on candy. One year, I didn't have that opportunity. When I was 9 or 10 years old, my parents didn't let me go trick-or-treating because I lied to them Halloween morning (about something unrelated). I was upset, but when my dad asked me about it a few days later I told him that candy wasn't good for me anyway. He said if he'd known I'd take it so lightly, he would have given me a harsher penalty!

Anonymous said...

I think my most memorable Halloween party was when I was still in High School where I sneeked out of the house at night and followed my sister to the party! I had no money then to buy a costume so what I did was to rip off a used sack and made my own costume.. in the end i looked like some scary begger! :)

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