Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Forum: Sarah Palin

Since it will be the topic of conversation for just about everyone today, we're opening up today's Friday Forum to your thoughts on Sarah Palin.

In what ways do you identify with her and in what ways are you different? What do you think of her as a leader?

Leave a comment to share your thoughts -- you don't need a Blogger account to comment.


Pauline Karakat said...

I do not agree with Governor Sarah Palin's political views AT ALL, but I was glad to see that she handled herself far better in the debate than she did in her interviews with Katie Couric. As a woman, it was a relief to see that Palin was able to hold her own against Senator Biden. It must have been intimidating getting ready for the debate in such short notice. I can relate to these challenges in my own life.

As for how she is as a leader, I cannot comment on that...I still know very little about Palin's record as governor, mayor, and businesswoman. It really is all about Obama versus McCain, and who will receive the most votes next month.

Anonymous said...

She managed to be somewhat coherent last night but that isn't saying much. Palin was personally evasive on many questions and only answered what she felt like answering. There were times when she was downright offensive and false.
Since when is a governor middle class? Yeah right.
Who exactly are Joe six pack and soccer moms and why are they representative of all citizens?
Of course gay people can marry but we won't call that discrimination.
Yes Alaska is a great state but I do believe that it is called the United States of America so what do you know about the rest of the country...

and so on and etc.

sally said...

I also do not agree with any of her politics. Like Renee, I don't identify with her very much either.

As a leader, I don't think she has shown she's great at that either. It seems she can handle her town and her state, but there's also several reports indicating that her husband attends the majority of meetings with her and is involved in the decision-making. Try to imagine Hillary Clinton openly inviting Bill Clinton to meetings and having him make decisions -- that would not fly!

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