Thursday, October 30, 2008

Link Love for 10/30

There have been a lot of great pieces around the blogosphere in the past couple of weeks, and we wanted to direct you to a few of them. Enjoy your reading:

Yesterday, hundreds of bloggers participated in Write to Marry Day to support No On Prop 8. Among the collection of posts, Fourth Wave Feminism has a great one about why you should support marriage equality even if you're not a fan of marriage.

The F Word has links to a campaign pushing for equality in the lives of Iranian women that everyone should check out and take part in.'s Stop Genocide blog has an interesting piece about the women in Rwanda and their lives after the genocide.'s Women's Rights blog has a list of women running this year for the Senate and House for you to check out before heading to the polls.

Speaking of voting, Feministing is featuring a piece about who won't be voting on Election Day (answer: women of color).

Bitch Ph.D. has a great post about the intersections of race and gender, and what it means to be a "White Feminist."

What have you been reading/writing? Drop some links in the comments so we can go check them out.

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Aviva DV said...

Thanks for the love. And the other posts were great, too!

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