Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Forum: Stereotypes

Considering all of the attention to race and gender during this election season, what are some of the race or gender stereotypes that bother you the most? Do you think there is more truth or exaggeration in these stereotypes?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Kekla Magoon said...

Well, I think most stereotypes are exaggerations that are based on a kernel of truth and/or a serious misinterpretation of a different culture or mindset.

The stereotypes that bug me the most are the ones I feel myself occassionally living into. For example, "black people are always late." Ok, so I'm often running a few minutes late. But I HATE it when I wonder if people attribute my lateness to my race and not to my personality or my addiction to whatever it was (book/computer/tv/sleep) that kept me from getting out the door in time to be punctual.

In general, I think the lateness stereotype is based on a legitimate cultural difference in how time is interpreted. We could choose to stereotype white people as being overly obsessed with measuring time, but we don't, because in this country we define what's right the way white culture does.

Anonymous said...

I really hate the ABW (angry black woman) stereotype. Not only is it limiting it completely silences the speaker. It seems to be a very effective from of social discipline. I keep speaking out even when this is aimed at me but I cannot say that it does not hurt. Its like saying that I dont have a legitimate point because hey black women are born angry.

Danny said...

I understand Kekla on the late thing. And the fact that its elevated to having a proper name (CPT or colored people's time) doesn't help.

Personally I'm tired of stereotype that since I'm a large man (and while being black doesn't help changing my race would not erase the stereotype) I must play a sport for some team. I think I'll threaten to commit violence upon next stranger that starts a conversation with me with "So what team do you play for?"

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