Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Would You Do?

For the past couple of weeks, there's been a woman on the subway that I keep seeing. She says she's a mother and a widow, and can't find a job because of the recession. Each time she's asked for some change, but hasn't received a dime, which I'm sure is mostly because she's asking during rush hour in a crowded subway car with cranky New Yorkers who are used to ignoring panhandling.

Perhaps if I had only seen her once or twice, she would have faded into the background along with the countless other people I see asking for money daily. But it's now been a handful of times. And we really are in a recession.

So, what if she really is a mother and widow?

Should we give each other the benefit of the doubt given our current state in this country? And if we do give each other the benefit of the doubt, do we have a responsibility to help others if we're trying to help ourselves? Seeing her in that state made me wonder what I'd do if I was in the same situation. Would I have the courage to do what she's doing? Would you?

All of these questions have been on my mind ever since these brief encounters with a woman I don't even know. Because I think what got to me more than anything was that she is a woman. She doesn't look like the type of person who would normally be asking for money on the train or at a station. She looks like a neighbor.

I've vowed to myself that if I ever see her on the train again, I'll ask her for her name and give her whatever cash I have. Would you?

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Leslie Rubio said...

Yes I would! Giving is what it's all about. It doesn't matter when or how much you give, just so you do and all with LOVE in your heart. If more people gave, imagine how nice our world would be.
What a lovely post, I enjoyed it very much.
I am a giver too and it makes me feel happy to see someone else happy!

Thanks for sharing!


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