Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Forum: Physical Fitness

In keeping with our celebration of May being Physical Fitness Month, we wanted to know what all of you do to keep your physical health and fitness as a top priority.

Do you follow a strict exercise regimen, work out every so often, or keep health and fitness at the bottom of your to do list? Feel free to share any tips, especially for balancing physical health with the hectic schedules most of us have!

And don't forget that you can focus on your fitness tomorrow, May 16, at TWM's zumba class!


KJ said...

Keeping physical fitness at the top of my to do list has seemed impossible ever since I finished high school. To be honest, it wasn't really at the top then either, but at least I was more physically active as a kid.

With college and into adulthood, I slowed down and my drive to exercise and eat right became sporatic at best. What a bummer.

Now I feel as if I am struggling with a sugar addiction. I quit smoking two years ago and I find myself defending my sugary treats the same way I defended cigarettes. I wish I could quit eating sugar the same way I quit smoking, but I am unwilling to give up all sweetness in my life.

I am ramping up my physical activity again as summer approaches. Hopefully that will motivate me to curb the extra calories!!

sally said...

I've slowly started to focus on my physical fitness again after doing so off and on again for a bit. It seems everyone around me has made it a top priority and I'm the only one left behind, so that's been a good motivator!

Not sure how it'll all pan out just yet.

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