Thursday, May 28, 2009

Link Love for 5/28

For this week, we wanted to do a link love post with a bit of a twist. Instead of highlighting posts we've read around the blogosphere, we wanted to take a moment to showcase some of the guest bloggers we've had on the blog! We hope it's a good way to show you the range of topics they've covered and to thank them again for contributing.

Kelly shared with us what came out of a collage she made at a Visioning Workshop.

Kristina has written several posts, including one about something she calls compassionate leadership.

Bridget has also written a few posts, and a popular one highlighted her experience as a female athlete.

Saloni told us about her rocky trip up -- and down -- a mountain.

Maria wrote about her Colombian heritage and breaking the stereotypes of her culture.

Moria reflected on the culture shock she experienced when coming back home to work as a writer.

Heather reminded us that a new style can give us a boost both personally and professionally.

We'd love to add you to our list of guest bloggers and read your stories. Check out our guest blogger guidelines and submit your post today!

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