Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's All About Me

If you've been keeping up with my posts, I'm sure you've realized that I'm a bit lost right now. In search for answers, I made a collage a few weeks ago using the same process we use at TWM's Visioning Workshops. Some things stuck out to me right away and some I still haven't figured out. But the things I've figured out, I'm starting to take action on.

One of the themes in my collage is nature. I've got trees, grass, flowers, and dirt roads running through the entire thing. Given my feeling lately that I've been spending entirely too much time in my living room, I'm pretty sure these images are a reflection of that desire to go out and explore. There are also a lot feet -- bare feet, pampered feet, active feet that are running and jumping. I think this is probably connected to the same idea of getting out there, but I think it's also about taking care of myself. Exercising, pampering myself, finding time to be peaceful... it all goes back to paying attention to my own needs.

This really drives home the main thing I got from my collage: Me. I've now made several collages, and this is the first one that's all about me. In the past, they were about relationships with other people, life changes, career, etc. But this collage doesn't really have any of that. It has affirmations, images of some of my passions (music, writing, books), and things I take to mean quiet time with myself (blankets, hot chocolate).

I've always struggled with making time to nurture myself, but I've been trying much more since making the collage. I've started to work out again, and have been walking and running a lot. My guy is on a diet, so I've started to eat healthier just by being around him. I've also become more conscious of how I spend my time and want to decide what's still important to me and what I can afford to spend time on.

These next few weeks will be a bit bumpy, but at least I'm paying attention to the road signs again.

Have you ever made a visioning collage? If you're interested, be sure to check out TWM's next Visioning Workshop later this month.

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