Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Change in Resolutions

If you remember from my posts a few months ago, I made a short-term resolution for the start of the New Year to focus on my health and fitness. For the first three months, I tried going to the gym as often as I could, I went to hot yoga at least once a week, and I paid more attention to the food I was eating. At the end of March, I felt great! Since then, however, it’s been a spiral back to where I was before.

Part of the problem is the fact that I have so much going on right now; my health is the last thing on my list. As I mentioned last week, I can barely keep up with the networking, brunching, wining and dining – making time for the gym seems near impossible. Remembering to eat is becoming a problem because I get so focused on my tasks at work. Add to that the endless supply of soda in the office and the free (not-quite healthy) munchies we often get, and my diet is definitely not at its best.

Funnily enough, my guy’s commitment to his own physical fitness is starting to intimidate me. He goes to the gym every day, no matter what. If it means getting to the gym at 10 following an after-work event or getting up early on a day when his schedule is packed after work, he does it. Even when I was focusing on my health, there were several days I just didn’t make it to the gym. It almost feels like if I can’t be as committed as he is, it’s a waste.

So even though my resolution for the second quarter of the year was to get my travel plans lined up, I’m going to bring the focus back to health and fitness for the next couple of months. If I don’t make the effort, then I won’t see the changes, so I’m ready to get back on track!

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