Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Stay Fit and Focused

We're changing the pace a bit to remind you that TWM's World of Wellness is in full swing, urging all of us to focus on our health and fitness this month.

In addition to the health-related posts we've featured here at CHICKS ROCK!, there's been a weekly email blast jam-packed with great resources. Here are some highlights from the latest blast:
Laser Cosmetica's offering a discount to TWM's World of Wellness guests,
The New York Chiropractic Life Center, recognized as the "Best of New York Chiropractors," are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives,
Dynamic Outdoors presents personalized outdoors adventures, to stay fit the fun way,
Bambola Beauty has a great line for your natural skincare needs.

Sign up for TWM's mailing list so you can get the rest of the blasts scheduled for TWM's World of Wellness filled with great links and discounts. In the weeks to come, you can also look forward to fitness classes and a live health fair event. And, of course, check in at CHICKS ROCK! for more guest posts all about health and wellness.

Don't forget you can also contact TWM if you're interested in being a sponsor for this great event and want to be featured in the future blasts and posts.

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