Thursday, May 20, 2010

Showing Up

CHICKS ROCK! welcomes Judy as a guest blogger this week, as part of TWM's World of Wellness:

Judy Griffin is a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, loving wife and mom of four. Her life long passion for health and wellness led her to a career where she can empower busy women to nourish their way to a vibrant life.

I recently lost a special friend and one thing that struck me is how her presence touched so many lives. Sue always showed up with love, sunshine, grace and compassion. She shared in your happiness and celebrated the good times but more importantly she listened, supported and embraced you in the sad times. She rarely if ever chose to complain, judge or gossip. Sue was a true gift and we will miss her smiles, hugs and beautiful nature.

This got me thinking about how much showing up matters. How do you show up in your life? Is the best of you shining through? Or is something holding you back? Managing our emotions plays a key role and when in balance, our authentic self is released.

Of course balance is a constant challenge. Can you remember the last time you felt inspired and energized? Perhaps you can’t because you are feeling depressed or stressed. As women, nurturers and caretakers we can often get lost in the shuffle and minimize the importance of self-care. This can have detrimental effects on our health so we need to remember that it’s all connected! Our emotions are in the driver seat so we can’t thrive if we suppress them.

Feeling disconnected is a signal to tune in and assess what is driving your emotions, behavior and cravings. It often starts with the many faces of nourishment and making a nutritional shift can have a positive impact. When we neglect ourselves in some way, we feed an imbalance that can result in unhealthy habits which compromise our system, leaving us susceptible to illness.

"Food is a meditation, a sadhana and a prayer.
Good food is a virtue. Food can change your attitude,
your behavior, your future, your present;
it can change your health, wealth, happiness, everything." Yogi Bhajan

Mindful choices and awareness connect our body, soul & spirit. Take a moment to turn your focus inward to assess your health, choices, and intentions. Determine if the real you is showing up and if not, then I warmly invite you to visit my website, complete a health profile and schedule a complimentary breakthrough session. Together we will explore your lifestyle to determine goals and action steps in order to carve out your unique path to optimal wellness.

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