Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mourning My TV Buddies

In two days, I had to say goodbye to two of my favorite shows with the series finales of Lost and 24. It was great to have such awesome television back to back, but I woke up this morning feeling a bit bummed about it.

I don’t actually watch that much tv, so I think losing two of the few shows I do watch was a bit too sad for me. Either way, it’s incredible just how attached I became to something as inconsequential as a tv show. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m any less sad about it, and I figure what good is a blog if I can’t use it to mourn a little? So please indulge me for a bit, and feel free to jump in if you’re also a fan of either show so I don’t feel so alone!

My guy and I have been watching Lost for the 4.5 years or so, after renting the first season and watching it in less than a week. Over the next couple of years, we got a couple of other people hooked and, together, we kept up with the major fan sites, related ABC websites, and other random geekiness thrown in here and there. I’m still a bit disappointed in this final season because I think the writing and storytelling just wasn’t as good this year as it has been in the past, but I’m satisfied with the finale and ready to re-watch the entire series.

With 24, it’s been completely different. A few months ago, my guy and I decided to try watching season 1 on DVD because people seem to love it so much. Funnily enough, we were partly looking for a show to watch once Lost was over… only that just as we got hooked, it was announced that 24 was ending!

So now it’s over, and I’m suddenly wondering what on earth I’m going to do to de-stress and keep myself entertained with great drama that exercises my brain. Any ideas on how to fill the void? What are some of your favorite shows?



I'll come out and say it: I am a huge LOSTie! I've invested so much of myself in the characters and in the development of what I consider the most well constructed show in TV history. I think Lost appeals to so many people because the show is not just about plot, but really deals with major issues and philosophies. What other television program has so centered itself on the big questions of life, death, and community!? In my eyes, there are few things more important! It's been a great run and I'm really pleased that the characters found peace and I hope to learn a few lessons from them!

sally said...

OMG YAAAAY! I'm so glad that somebody out understands how I feel!

You're absolutely right, Lost was such a unique show. It grappled the completely relatable as well as the completely absurd, and did a great job at making us care about all of these people.

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