Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eating Right For Life

As I mentioned in last week's post, I decided to take on a juice fast, which I just completed earlier this week. I feel like a new person after my experience; I may have been tempted by sweets and other carb-filled treats, but I never indulged. The "old me" would have snuck in a bite of cake or some ice cream, but the "new me" always stopped before picking up a spoon. I now realize that when I began my juice fast last week, I was in the right mind set to do so.

Now that my juice fast is complete, I want to maintain my positive outlook by making sure I eat as well as possible. This means planning ahead, which has always been a problem of mine when it comes to food. Buying groceries for the week and living off of them exclusively is a novelty for many, but I am doing it without any complaints, so far. I have found that I save a great deal of money by doing this, which is extremely beneficial during this difficult economic period.

Organic fruits and vegetables are not cheap, but I make it work by buying and using them all during the week. I think buying organic produce is important to my ongoing quest for maintaining health, so I will continue to do so. For anyone who is intimidated by the organic food movement, I say don't be; stick with organic produce as much as possible, if nothing else. You really will taste the difference.

I feel relieved and happy when I look at my refrigerator and know that all of the food in it is good for me. I know the next few weeks will be challenging, but I am looking forward to it. I am physically and spiritually inspired to continue eating right indefinitely!

Do you have any similar food stories to share?

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