Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making the Time

CHICKS ROCK! welcomes back Sasha as a guest blogger this week, as part of TWM's World of Wellness:

Sasha is a Cornell University alumna. She loves spending time with her sisters, listening to music, eating, and bettering the world in any way she can.

As a weight loss coach in a women’s gym, I interact with busy women every day – the type that do not listen to what I advise because they are simply too busy to eat breakfast as soon as they wake up, eat another five times a day, and take care of their health. Having been a person who juggles tasks and responsibilities like the air I breathe I can certainly relate to these women. It has always been difficult for me to make time for myself because I am so busy taking care of a billion other things that I forget that I matter too. But I do matter and I cannot expect to give my best to others if I am not first giving back to myself.

Surely it is and will always be a struggle but I have come a very long way. For many years, I was the kind of person who lived life for other people. It took a great deal of time for me to realize that this is my life, not anyone else’s. I came to this realization about two years ago and since then beautiful things have happened: I completely changed my eating habits (resulting in 45-pound weight loss), attained a new attitude and positive outlook on life, developed a deeper relationship with myself, and acquired a passion for something I never thought I would be interested in – nutrition!

There is clearly a lesson to be learned from all of this. However difficult it may be, we must make the time to take care of ourselves before we take on the weight of the world. It is true most of us do not have the luxury of spending more than 5 minutes – if that – alone every day but it is imperative for our health and sanity to pencil ourselves into our own schedules every once in a while. We are responsible for our own happiness just as others are responsible for their own happiness. As my older sister says, “Be a little selfish because no one can ever be selfish for you.”

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