Friday, May 28, 2010

Loving Your Natural Beauty

CHICKS ROCK! welcomes Faith as a guest blogger this week, as part of TWM's World of Wellness:

Faith Zelenko is the co-founder of Bambola Beauty along with her daughter, Kristine Hooper. Faith’s beauty obsession started at the age of 18 when she attended cosmetology school. She never lost her passion for natural skin care products, passing it down to her daughter and working with her to realize her lifelong dream.

I was the child that was the problem for my mom. That is, with my skin anyway. I had light complexion, lots of freckles along with dry and sensitive skin. So you can image the challenge my mom had when my sisters and brother didn’t experience any of that. The one who had to stay out of the sun or wear the hat was always me. But it taught me at an early age to understand the care my skin needed. I didn’t even know of SPF until I was a late teen, so I had to resort to my mom and grandmother’s potions.

First, my mom started out by telling me that as I aged my freckles would fade because of something called pigment. That doesn’t help an 8-year-old. My grandmother’s next trick (or what she called an old wives tale) was to take the spring’s early morning dew on May Day (May 1) and let my face absorb nature’s water for a healthy glowing complexion. My grandmother would continue to whip up all sorts of concoctions for my face while my siblings sat by laughing. I really don’t want to admit how many years I continued to use the morning dew trick, but it was the catalyst that introduced me to what nature had to offer.

I never lost my love or appreciation for the earth’s bounty and that is what inspired me to create Bambola Beauty, an organic luxury skincare line. Now I can pass down to my daughter, who works on the brand with me, the importance of caring for your skin with all-natural ingredients – creating age-defying results with chemicals. Be sure to check out our site and shop with a 15% discount off your entire order, a free deluxe sample and free shipping for TWM's World of Wellness using the code "Wellness" thru June 30.

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