Thursday, May 13, 2010

Find Your Own Groove

CHICKS ROCK! welcomes Robin as a guest blogger today, as part of TWM's World of Wellness:

Robin Fischman is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor who works with busy professionals to help them reach their health and wellness goals. She creates a supportive environment where people are coached to make gradual food and lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

When was the last time you talked to someone about your health?

Are you confused about all the health and diet information that's out there? Are you asking yourself should I be eating a low carb diet? Are all fats bad? Do you find yourself mindlessly eating? Are you having trouble losing those last 10 lbs?

Health and wellbeing is a personal journey. What works for one person may not work for another. It's important for each of us to find our way to the diet and lifestyle that supports our well being.

Here are a few simple things you can do to discover what the best foods are for you.

1) Slow down and tune into your body. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly and focus on the meal you are eating. Check in with yourself after eating a meal. How do you feel 20 minutes after eating? How about two hours later? How is your mood? How is your focus? Do you feel tired? Or do you feel energized?

2) Eat whole foods and grains and avoid processed foods at all costs. The more processed a food is the less nutritional value it has. Foods that are closer to the source are more easily digested and provide your body with the energy it needs to get through your busy day.

3) Find exercise and movement that make you happy. Turn up the music and dance. Try a power walk outside in the fresh air. Take a lap or two around the office in the middle of the day. Change up your exercise routine, try a new class.

4) Talk to a Holistic Health Counselor who is trained to listen and help you to find what works best for you. You will work together in a supportive environment and make gradual diet and lifestyle changes that will help you find balance in your life and allow you to reach your health and wellness goals and live the life you love. Do something good for yourself! Schedule a FREE health consultation today.

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